Friday, January 3, 2014

Getting Specific Instructions from God

I was reading the story of Noah and the Ark in Genesis 6 and I found myself asking "Why does Noah get such specific instructions and why don't I?"  God gave him very specific building instructions and how to fill the ark with what animals.  When I commented out loud that it sure would be nice to get such specific instructions, immediately I figured out the answer, "Listen."  Could it be that we don't listen to the instructions?  Could it be that we fill our lives with so much business and noise that we don't make time or space in our lives to really listen?  Could it be that if we hear the first instruction, we start making our own plans or questioning and talking so much that we don't take time to listen to the rest of the instructions?  I know when I am giving instructions to my kids and they leave halfway through, how frustrated I get.  Is that how God is with us?  Are we facing trials and difficulties we could avoid if we only listened to all the instructions?  I plan to make an intentional effort to slow down and listen to all of the instructions before charging ahead.  Now, I do realize that sometimes God only gives you one step at a time.  So, I plan to spend time really listening as I make each move. And, I know He will be right beside me, helping me all the way if I don't charge ahead.  He will tell me what I need to know if I will only listen.

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