Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Humility Part 2

Luke 18:10-14

This is a parable I've heard or read multiple times in my life.  You'd think I couldn't possibly learn anything new.  Well, that is not how the Bible works.  And, especially now that I'm studying humility, it spoke volumes.  I'm sure the Pharisee thought he was doing his religious duty and doing what God wanted him to do.  I'm sure he never considered himself having a problem with humility.  After all, he was focused on religion and following God's laws, right?  He was only stating the truth that everyone there already knew.  He was prideful and self-righteous and really not praying to God.  He was verbally listing what was so great about him for the benefit of anyone close enough to hear.  He was not humbling himself before God and asking what God wanted him to do.

How many times do we get like that?  Romans 3:23 says, " for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (NIV)  All means all.  There is nothing we can do that keeps us out of that ALL.  Fortunately, God will forgive us and give us grace if we but ask.  But, that is God doing the work.  God is Holy and Just and Perfect.  We are not.  Our focus needs to be on Him and His plan, not on ourselves and our plan.  Let God be the driver, not merely a passenger as we carry out our own plans.  Let God make the plans.  You will never be disappointed.

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