Sunday, February 24, 2013


James 1:19-27

"Listen, open your ears, harness your desire to speak, and don't get worked up into a rage so easily, my brothers and sisters."  (James 1:19 VOICE)

Why is that so hard for us?  Why do we feel the need to talk so much and express our opinions (even if they are the truth) and not listen?  My Dad gave me some great advice about having a discussion with someone with differing opinions.  Ask questions, and they will eventually figure out the truth on their own.  People are more likely to discover and listen to the truth when they are treated respectfully and with love.  When we become angry, they become angry in return and stop listening.  Then, no one is listening and nothing constructive gets accomplished.  

Why is it that we have such a hard time learning this?  Why is it that even when we "know" it, we still don't do it?  I think this is a common problem and why James continued by saying, "Put the word into action." (James 1:22 VOICE)  It will do me no good if I search for the truth, but then don't apply it to my life.  So, as I search for truth this year, hold me accountable to be applying it to my life.  I think I will try to memorize James 1:19 and remind myself every time I begin to talk too much or get any in conversation to stop and listen.  As I continue on my search for truth, I will find more ways to respond respectfully with others, especially those with whom I disagree.  In the meantime, I will stop and listen.  Really listen.  Not just stop speaking while I form rebuttals in my head.  But, really listen and respond respectfully to what the other person has to say.  

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Thanksgiving for today
523.  Cleared roads
524.  Fresh air
525.  Saving almost 50%
526.  Growing excitement

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