Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1 John 4 Application

Here we are yet once again and I find myself apologizing for not keeping up with this like I should.  Have I mentioned THIS IS HARD!!!  It's not that I don't have thoughts or things I could share here, it's that really searching for truth leads you to thoughts that challenge you.  Maybe I will discover changes in my line of thinking or challenges to what I believed was the truth.  It is way easier to just shove it aside and try to pretend nothing is different, than to really focus on what I am learning and continue stretching and challenging myself.

This chapter was chock full of information I was trying to digest.  Maybe I just need to focus on a verse or concept at a time to keep myself from getting so overwhelmed.  So, I decided to focus on verse 6.  "We come from God, and those who know God hear us.  Whoever is not from God will not listen to us.  This is the way we discern the differences between the spirit of truth and the spirit of deception."  That puts my heart at peace because I feel like God has something for me to share and whether they listen or not, understand or not, is not about me, but about their relationship with God.  It is my job to stay connected with God and share what He leads me to share.  And, that is how I will apply this chapter.  I will stay connected to God and share what He lays on my heart.  And, I will try not to take rejection personally.

For my next journey I will be going on a "40-Day Retreat With Jesus" from The Voice Bible.  Join me on this journey during Lent.  If you have a Voice Bible, you can follow along.  If not, you can just follow here and keep me accountable to post daily.

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Thanksgiving for today
499.  CrockPots (I know I've already used this one, but I'm just so thankful for it.)
500.  Weather forecasts
501.  Cozy blankets
502.  VocRehab
503.  When Google confirms my thoughts about something are correct
504.  Variety of colors
505.  Learning about Lent with my children
506.  Repaired generator

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