Monday, January 7, 2013

Application--Psalm 15

Here is my attempt to write an application for myself for Psalm 15

I will make more of an effort to project kindness to my neighbors and not "blame my neighbor"  I will invite them to LeadHer events and will make a casserole to take over sometime in the next month.

I will also print out the list from this chapter and place it in a prominent place for me to look at and be reminded daily.

How would you apply this chapter?

Now we begin meditation on Psalm 34.

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Thanksgiving for today:
405.  Hairdresser who understands my hair
406.  Dog on alert to keep me safe
407.  Healthy debates where everyone still loves each other at the end
408.  Extreme couponing
409.  Really "saving" what you save
410.  BLT Grilled Cheese

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