Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Praise Whenever

The first thing that struck me about Psalm 34 was in the very first verse.  "I will praise the Eternal in every moment, through every situation.  Whenever I speak, my words will always praise Him" (Voice) OR "I bless God every chance I get; my lungs expand with praise." (MSG)  Now it doesn't say the word thanksgiving, but that is what I read.  When I am praising God, I am thanking Him for who He is and what He has created.  What do you think?  How do you praise God?  

Notice it doesn't say you praise Him once a week or only when you feel like it.  It says "every moment, through every situation."  Even when things aren't going your way or even when you are down, sad, depressed.  Even then.  Praise Him every day in every situation.  It is hard to do when things are not going your way, but it is possible.  What do you do when it seems impossible?  How do you get through the hard time and do it anyway?

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