Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top Ten (or 9 or 11) List

I have read Psalm 15 in several different Bible translations.  What I have determined is that it is a list of ways to live righteously.  This is my goal for life not just this year.  I wanted to make it a top ten list (Letterman seems to think those work best).  :)  Depending on the translation, I found either 9 or 11 items.

The Voice says: 1.  Live with integrity
        2.  Do what is right
        3.  Speak honestly with truth from the heart
        4.  Don't speak evil against others
        5.  Don't wrong your neighbor
        6.  Don't slander your friends
        7.  Loathe the loathsome
        8.  Honor those who fear the Eternal
        9.  Keep all promises no matter the cost
      10.  Does not lend money with gain in mind
      11.  Live so you cannot be bought to harm an innocent name

The Message says:  1.  Walk straight
                              2.  Act right
                              3.  Tell the truth
                              4.  Don't hurt your friend
                              5.  Don't blame your neighbor
                              6.  Despise the despicable
                              7.  Keep your word even when it costs you
                              8.  Make an honest living
                              9.  Never take a bribe.

These are not items that just come naturally to us.  They are items that require keeping them consciously in your mind and striving toward righteousness daily.  Some of these seem difficult to do in combination.  For example, it would be difficult to "despise the despicable" and still "not hurt your friend."  Maybe this is only really possible with God's help and when you are truly "loving God" and "loving others."  It is definitely not possible through your own power.  May I always depend on God to help me live a righteous life and do the "top 10 or 9 or 11" list.

Which of these are most difficult for you?

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Thanksgiving for today
398.   Boys playing in the snow
399.  The ability to sleep through the night
400.  Learning to state things in a more appropriate way
401.  Kids who know how to entertain themselves
402.  Sharing memories
403.  Fancy fingernails done at home
404.  Technology

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