Friday, March 15, 2013

Don't Get Distracted By the Crowds

Acts 13: 42-52

This passage tells us all about the Jewish community's reaction to the gospel.  I find it intriguing that it talks about them being jealous.  It does not talk about them feeling their belief was right and not wanting others to be misled.  It talks about them being jealous.  They were not concerned about the crowd hearing the truth.  They were not willing to listen to the truth themselves.  They were prideful and "jealous" of the crowds following someone else.  They were willing to let their pride stand in the way of receiving the gift of salvation. 

It was also intriguing that Paul and Barnabas did not let this deter them.  In fact, verse 52 says, "The disciples weren't intimidated at all; rather, they were full of joy and the Holy Spirit."  They were in close relationship with God and knew they were expressing the truth.  They didn't let the opposition deter them or keep them quiet.  They just "shook the dust off their feet" and took their truth somewhere else.  May I always get my confidence from God and be willing to tell His truth even when those around me try to shut me up.  May I continue in joy and continue telling what I feel God wants me to tell.  May I always keep my focus on Him and not be distracted by the crowds around me. 

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