Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Wardrobe of a LeadHer

Colossians 3:12-17

I was absolutely delighted to find out my time with Jesus was to be spent going through this passage today.  This happens to be the passage we are working on in LeadHer this year.  We are building the wardrobe of a LeadHer  www.leadher.org  This is a passage I have been working through and will continue to work through all year long
The Life Application Study Bible says: "Paul offers a strategy to help us live for God day by day:  1) imitate Christ's compassionate, forgiving attitude  2)let love guide your life  3) let the peace of God rule in your heart 4) always be thankful 5) keep God's word in you at all times 6)  live as Jesus Christ's representative."  I am working on these items and will keep working all the time.  Right now, I find myself focusing a lot on 4&5.  What are you focusing on?

In our LeadHer chapter we are going through this passage this year.  So far, we have talked about putting on mercy as undergarments.  Not only are they foundational to everything else, but they must be new every morning.  We only have mercy to give to those around us when we stay in constant communion with God and receive His mercy.  I don't know if you've ever done the object lesson where you make a pyramid of cups and pour water from a pitcher into the top one.  It is only as the pitcher (representing God's love and mercy) pours out on the first cup that that cup can get full enough to spill over and start filling other cups.

Next, we talked about Kindness gloves and the importance of being the hands and feet of Jesus.  We even took time during our second meeting of the month to do random acts of kindness.  Check out this blog our family used at Christmas time and I brought out again during Kindness meetings: http://lillightomine.com/light-em-up-2012.php

This month we're focusing on Humility and wearing LeadHer bracelets to remind us to be humble.  It's all about His plan, not ours.  I'm going to need a lot of extra prayer to practice humility this month, especially when I am experiencing a weekend celebrating self.  Pray that I will be able to exhibit strength of character, confidence, and disability pride while still maintaining an attitude of humility.  May I never fail to recognize that He is my strength and may I always follow His plan for my life.  I even found a substitute item to wear with my formal wear.  I didn't think my pink bracelet would exactly match.  :)  It's going to be hidden, but I will know it is there.  It reminds me of the concept of Katniss' mockingjay pin in the Hunger Games.  It was hidden, but she knew it was there.  My pin will be hidden, but I will know it is there and hopefully it will remind me to practic humility.

I can't wait to spend time working on the other qualities throughout the year.
If you've been involved in any LeadHer trainings, what have you taken to heart?
What has changed your life?
If not, come join us for the rest.
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Thanksgiving for today:
605.  My hairdresser
606.  Finding someone who understands me curls
607.  Packages that arrive on time
608.  Someone to bounce ideas off
609.  Finding seasonal recipe ideas
610.  Almonds

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