Friday, March 8, 2013

Wake Up

Revelation 3:2-5

This post has taken me a little longer to get to because I realize there is some controversy here.  Not everyone who reads this will agree with my interpretation.  That being said, I don't want you to get all mad and huffy and refuse to talk about it.  I want you to comment (respectfully please) and ask questions and give your thoughts.  I want to have open, respectful communication about this.  In fact, I'm hoping you all ran to get your Bibles to read this passage for yourself and see if you can find the controversy.

This is a letter to the church in Sardis.  The passage begins by telling them to "wake up" and "remember what they have received and heard."  They already know what a relationship with God is all about and they know how to live the Christian life.  They are just not doing it.

Verse 4 tells us there are some who "don't have the stain of evil works on their clothes."  They have not forgotten and are living the Christian life.  Verse 5 in the VOICE says, "The one who conquers through faithfulness even unto death will be clothed in white garments and I will certainly not erase that person's name from the book of life.  I will acknowledge this person's name before My Father and before His heavenly messengers."  Why would it say that his will "certainly not erase that person's name from the book of life" unless the name can be erased?  Why would he warn the church in Sardis to "wake up" and tell them if they do not wake from their sleep "I will come in judgment--I will creep up on you like a thief--you will have no way of knowing when I will come."?  Why would they fear judgement and the second coming if their names are written in the Book of Life and cannot be erased?

This passage tells me that it is possible to have your name erased from the Book of Life.  Now, salvation is not earned--it is through grace, a gift of God.  But, once we're accepted the gift, we are to stay in communion with God and do our best to follow His commands.  None of us are perfect and none of us will follow the commands perfectly.  But, God knows our heart.  He knows when we are really trying and when we are listening to the heart prick of the Holy Spirit.  He knows when we listen to the Holy Spirit and "wake up" and make changes.  And, He knows when we ignore His prompting and won't turn back.  That is when we need fear His judgment.

What are your thoughts about this passage?

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